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"A companion volume to the bestselling Yoga Pretzels, this innovative product combines yoga poses, activities and ideas to inspire children to have fun, stay healthy and grow more aware of how to care for themselves and our planet. AGES: 3 and up AUTHOR: Yoga Ed develops and produces evidence-based training courses and products for teachers, parents, children and health professionals. To find out more, visit ILLUSTRATOR: Sophie Fatus has won worldwide acclaim for her bright and distinctive artwork. She has illustrated the 'The Story Tree', 'Yoga Pretzels' and 'If You're Happy and You Know It' for Barefoot Books. SELLING POINTS: ? Encourages calmness and awareness: The 50 easy activities promote flexibility, intuitive perception and sensitivity to others as well as to the natural world ? Healthy body, healthy planet: Yoga Planet draws a clear connection between how the planet nourishes us and how we must in turn nurture and heal it ? Inclusive approach: The content of this product was designed in collaboration with Yoga Ed to appeal to all ages and abilities, and it is ideal for classroom use as well as family sharing REVIEWS: ""Through these fun yoga activities, children can improve flexibility, grace and agility while at the same time improving inner strength and self esteem"" ? Deepak Chopra"

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