Reading Guide for B1& B2
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Reading Guide for B1& B2

Strategies for the Development of Reading Skills

Δημήτρης Μαρούλης

21.20€ -10% 19.08€
A 60-hour intervention course which teaches the most comprehensive reading strategies for level B1 & B2. Course features: - 31 texts, 15 semi-authentic for B1 and 15 authentic for B2 - 5 plus areas of work per text making use of the brand new interskilled approach (Think plus, Listen plus, Read plus, Vocabulary plus and Write plus) - Over 300 challenging, student-centred language tasks - Over 500 lexical items identified and processed - Novel approach, flexi presentation of tasks and room for extra activities and further analysis - Over 12 reading strategies systematically presented, regularly recycled with extra inter-skilled strategies presentation Ideal for - Intermediate and Upper-intermediate level students - Adult courses -?Any skill-development programmes Reading foundation programmes

Δημήτρης Μαρούλης (Συγγραφέας)

Ο Δημήτρης Μαρούλης γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1966. Ζει και διδάσκει ξένες γλώσσες στη Νάξο. Το "Συλλαβίζοντας ζωή" είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο ποίησης που εκδίδει.
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