Letters from Crete
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"Harriet Briskrot
Ayios Stephanos - Crete
To: Sir Arthur Martinet-Coldshower
The Fortress
Upper Lipstiff.Yorks. England.
Dear Uncle Arthur,
It is now three months since I retired as Head Mistress of St Agatha`s and came to take up residence here in Crete, and now that I am getting settled it is high time to write to tell you my news. This little house which daddy left me in his will is really delightful. A typical stone-built cretan house, it has a large verandah with wonderful views across a most beautiful valley. Such a surprise in so many ways. Of course, daddy was always dashing about the world, but we had no idea that he owned such a deligtful hideaway. Sadly, there are very few momentos of dear daddy here, some clothes and a box of his favourite sigars, that`s all. [...] there are a few items which show that a lady has been here, and of course they are not dear mummy`s because, as I say, we had no idea about this house in Crete. The other slightly strange thing is that people in the village keep telling me that I don`t look much like my mother-as if they had seen mummy-which of course they couldn`t possibly have done. [...]"

"District of Ayios Stephanos, Crete.
Miss Brisktrot Harriet my dear,
We are thanking you for your suggestive letters about the sheep and donkeys droppings (shittings) in the village square. The President of the District has most personally looked deeply into these things and your suggestiveness. The official answers to your esteemed propositions will be made by a committee, and this letter is for informing you for attendance, and we tell you here what agendas detail will to be discussed. [...]"

One of the funniest books written about expatriate life in Crete. Sharply drawn characters, showing a deep affection for Crete and Cretans.

Judith Ann Lawrence (Εικονογράφος)

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